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Contoh dan Penjelasan Text Narrative Lengkap

Written By Edie Daneva Warsono on Sunday, 8 December 2013 | 13:11

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Narrative Text Text narrative adalah sebuah teks yang memang banyak dibutuhkan dan sudah seharusnya dipelajari bagaimana teknik pembuatannya. Secara umum, pengertian narrative text adalah sebuah teks yang menceritakan peristiwa masa lampau. Peristiwa tersebut bisa terkait dengan pengalaman nyata, pengalaman orang lain, bahkan khayalan. Serta, semua cerita tersebut ditujukan untuk menghibur para pembaca. Di bawah ini, terdapat sebuah contoh text narrative yang bisa Anda gunakan dan menjadi salah satu inspirasi bagi Anda dalam membuat sebuah karangan atau menceritakan ulang pengalaman. Dua teks di bawah ini, semoga dapat membantu Anda. 

Contoh Text Narrative :

An Experience with a Police in The Morning

My friend Sandi has a bad experience with the police in this city. Last month, he would return a flash disk to his friend’s house which located in Way Halim, Lampung. He borrowed his friend’s motorcycle which stayed in the same boarding house in Jalan Ratu. He departed about 6.30 am and he wore a helmet and a jacket.

He drove fast to arrive soon; in one of the interchange, He saw that there was a police wanted to stop him by giving a code that commanded him to stop the motorcycle. He was so surprised, but He could control himself fast. He drove the motorcycle passed the left side of a car. The police couldn’t see and couldn’t stop him. He predicted that the police wanted to stop him because his speed has impinged the level of speed. He drove it slowly and He chosen the left side of the road to prove that he was a good driver.

A few minutes later, there was a police drove motorcycle beside him and He didn’t fell disturbed. He continued driving and didn’t heed the police. Suddenly, that police commanded him to stop and wanted to bring the motorcycle to the office. He didn’t know what makes the police did it. He said that He didn’t break the rule. He drove slowly and didn’t impinge the level of speed. He also explained that He absolutely chosen the left side. The police explained that Sandi used a muffler racing and the police of Bandar Lampung have declared that there is no muffler racing in this city because it can disturb the society. Sandi didn’t know the rule and He asked the police to forgive him and let him go. He just wanted to return his friend’s flash disk and that’s not his own motorcycle. He forced to go but police took the key and commanded him to come to the police office.

Finally, he obeyed and he was rode by that police. When they arrived in the police office, Sandi was explained that there was a rule that his friend’s motorcycle didn’t attend to use in this city and he was asked to take the driving license and the motorcycle license. He phoned his girlfriend to take it from his boarding house. When He had gotten the license, police gave him two choices; He wanted to let the motorcycle was brought and He should to take it at January 5, 2011 or paid the money Rp 160.000 as the replacing of the motorcycle. He didn’t want both of choice because the motorcycle was his own friend and he didn’t has money to pay it. He only had Rp 30.000 and He showed his pocket to the police. Actually He had much money in his pocket. He hidden into his other pocket when He was rode by the police. The police didn’t want to allow him to go because he had to pay it or left the motorcycle.

Sandi told to the police that He had an uncle who worked as a police in the Jakarta. Sandi showed the number and He asked the police to talk with his uncle. That police looked scare and he didn’t want to receive the phone from Sandi’s uncle. On the other hand, that police continued to do his job and didn’t care Sandi for a minute. Sandi knew that the police was scare and He tried to use this situation well. He told to the police that his uncle was a police from central headquarter of Indonesian Police Republic in Jakarta. That police was increasingly scare and He hidden his expression by wanted to continue his job to manage the traffic. That police said that Sandi had to pay it or went from police office. Sandi continued to force the police by that intimidation.

Few minutes later, Sandi’s uncle that lived in Jakarta suddenly came to that location. His uncle talked that He was in holiday and accidentally He saw him there. Sandi explained to his uncle why He was there. His uncle met the police and that police was feeling ashamed because Sandi’s uncle was his boss when worked in Lampung. So, with ashamed face, the police gave the motorcycle and apologized to Sandi and his uncle. 
Semoga tulisan ini bermanfaat.
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